Yours and Mine

Ami Andersen

Record Details

Singer/Songwriter, Christian

Record Tracklist

  1. Yours and Mine -:-- / 2:42

Yours and Mine

Remember that time, it seems like a time away

You glanced my way with a funny laugh unfeigned

Your keychain a-swirl set my heart all a-whirl

Standing in a hall, a boy and a girl


We had simple plans, in our hands just two simple rings

Imperfect and young, we still have new songs to sing



Last night I laughed at you, and the candle blew and flickered

You danced and swayed with your sunny face unfiltered

We’re moving out of the places we hide

Settling in a love more yours and mine

We’re settling in a love

We’re settling in a love

We’re settling in a love

We’re settling in our love


Song notes:

Being married has really been a great gift to me, and in many ways I would describe it as slowly coming into the light, the light of knowing and being known and being free in that. It strikes me as I write this what a great picture it really is of coming to know God and being known by him and yet being free. The lyrics here also are getting at the sense of being at home in the relationship and the simple joy that is found there.

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